Vashtie Shares A Taste Of The House Party Vibes #Playlist

Downtown’s sweetheart, Vashtie, shared with us a taste of what music she’s serving at House Party every Thursday at Webster Hall- some 90s R&B fabulousness, of course. Check out her playlist below, and what Vashtie is bringing to House Party. Also GO TO HOUSE PARTY EVERY THURSDAY- it’s dope.

Photo by Homer Parkes

What kind of party are you hoping to create for people?
I feel very invested in the culture n the city. The culture is rapidly disappearing, so hoping to preserve NYC club culture, by way of this party.

Tell us more about the room you created at House Party:
My room is going to be 90s inspired/dabbling 2000s, I like the idea of comfort, never interested in VIP. I like that everyone is welcome, creating a safe space, very come as you are.

What are you working on at the moment?
DJing a lot around world- Paris, Vancouver. My own clothing line, Violet Haze, have a collaboration with Cam’ron out on April 20th. Also i directed a music video for Joey Badass.

What are you looking forward to this summer?
Sunshine, hot weather- a painfully sweltering summer.

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