Vashtie Shows Us The Perfect Beauty Routine To Match Her Puma Collab

With her collection for sneaker giant Puma, her flawless beauty routine, and otherworldly DJ skills, Vashtie is just about the coolest girl we know. She’s got skater girl style unlock: rocking a pair of kicks with bright lipstick is definitely her forte. We chatted with her about the best ways to sex up your tomboy cool and more. Check it out below!


You just collabed with Puma! Is it cool to rock done up hair and makeup with street wear?

Absolutely! I think everyone should be wearing my collection with their own styling! It’s all about being yourself!

When wearing a streetwear look what are the best hair and makeup styles to try?

I tend to think less is more. Simple goes a long way, you don’t want your look to compete with itself. I like a messy bun or hair down and natural. For makeup, I say keep it minimal.

How do you get the perfect easy ponytail?

I use a clip because my hair is curly. It maintains the messy tendril look will giving a cute updo.

What are some other ways to glam up streetwear and the skater look?

Mixing is key. For an oversized street look too, I’ll wear short denim cut offs for a feminine touch. Sometimes, it’s just all about a hint of makeup or bits of jewelry.

What is your go-to makeup for a casual day?

On a hot summer day, I wear a bold red lip and no makeup. If I have time, I just throw on some concealer and mascara…usually does the trick.

How does being a casual girl play into your skincare routine?

Skincare is way more complicated than makeup. I’m all about taking care of your body inside and out. Morning and night I cleanse, tone, throw on serums and oils then deal with moisturizer. It’s with makeup that I skrimp.

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