Valentine’s Day With Candice Swanepoel & Lily Aldridge!




Whether you like it or not, it’s Valentine’s Day, and we can’t think of a better way to spend it than with a Victoria Secret’s angel or two. Don’t be too jealous, but we did just that with none other than Candice Swanepoel AND Lily Aldridge. I know, I know — we’ve been perma-blushing since kicking it with the insanely beautiful beauties.  The supermodels celebrated the romantic holiday at Victoria’s Secret Herald Square where they shared their super sexy favorites from the aptly titled Very Sexy Collection. They looked and  smelled great, thanks to the new limited-edition Very Sexy Temptation fragrance, which VS says is “for the inner temptress” and promises to “leave you feeling irresistible.” Yes please! Tap into your inner temptress and check out our irresistible chit-chat with our favorite angels.  HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY KITTENS!!! xo

Okay, those infamous Victoria Secret angel wings seem pretty heavy. How do you prepare to werk the runway with those contraptions?
Candice: Angel wings are pretty heavy. We have to work out special parts of our back to try and walk gracefully.

Do you two have any favorite rom-coms and/or romantic dramas?
Lily: I’ve just been watching Downtown Abbey which has been really wonderful.
Candice: I like shows like Girls and True Blood

Any special Valentine’s Day plans?
Candice: I leave the plans up to my boyfriend; I don’t plan anything at all.

Do you buy your boy toy lots of presents? And what do you expect from him? Diamonds, chocolates, roses? All of the above?
Candice: Sometimes I buy him presents. Not all of the time. He’s very good at surprising me and I don’t really like material things.

What are your favorite romantic songs?  
Lily: I love Bille Holiday records — I think it’s so romantic and it’s really nice to have dinner and listen to Billie Holiday. It’s really sexy.

And what about making love jams?!
Candice: Barry White!

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V-Day Candice

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