Worried About Wow-ing Your Long Term Sweetie This V-Day? Never Fear, For 5 Sultry Eye Tips Are Here


Every girl that consistently looks good in front of her boyfriend struggles with wow-ing him for date night. If a dinner date stresses you out, just think about the emotional monster that will be sitting at your vanity on Valentine’s Day (a day that brings the same amount of pressure to look good as your wedding does). There comes a point in every relationship where your dude stops complimenting you as much because he is simply spoiled by how good you look. He never has any idea how much effort you put into your date fit, and being the vixen you are, you would never tell him your secrets. A question on every long term relationship woman’s mind: How do I look different than I did last night, the night before, and even last Valentine’s Day?

There is a misconception amongst women getting ready for date night: it’s not about buying the perfect dress, it’s about trying a new beauty look. While your sweetie may be used to your day time natural look, your red lip for date night, and even your rare cat eye, he will never get used to a dark smokey eye. Men are stupid, we know this much. Valentine’s Day is about grabbing your oblivious sweetie’s attention and looking like the superwoman of his fantasies.There are no better eyes for him to stare into all night than your sultry ones. In fact, he’ll be putty in your hands with the blink of your winged lashes.

Seduce your bae with these sexy products:


1.Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Cocoa Mirage – When doing a close up dinner date I always recommend opting for a brown palette over a black one. You don’t want to scare your boo off by looking as if you just stepped out of the movie – Beetlejuice. Remember, there is a fine line between looking different and not looking life yourself.

2. Sephora Collection Irresistible False Lash – These falsies give you the bombshell full-lash look while keeping it natural. Always apply lashes AFTER you do your shadow. Curl your real lashes first so they all blend in together. Then apply glue to your false lashes, stick them on with a tweezer, and hold them in place so that they dry on your eye lid. Use a waterproof glue! Imagine seeing your fuzzy lash stuck to his penis at the end of the night. Yikes!

3. Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘N’ Kohl Liquid Eye Pencil in Bedroom Black – Line along your upper lashes to hide away the glue. This liquid eye pencil allows for extremely accurate application, but gives you the option to blend it. The black pencil will contrast nicely against your brown shadow, but no harsh lines on your eyelids this V-Day. If you want to lure your date into the bedroom, try to keep your liner soft while you keep him hard. (Had to, it was right there).

4.  Buxom Mascara Bar in Lush & Lifted – This build your own mascara comes with 7 different brush options, but Lush & Lifted is the best for your flirty lash. Lightly apply onto your real AND false lashes to hide away any signs that you are far from all natural. Remember, thick lashes are the ultimate key to sexy eye contact with your lover, but he cannot know they are fake.

5. MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof  Brow Set – This brush-on gel fills in your brows without painting them on in any specific shape. You DO NOT want a dark eye with an overly intense brow. This product gives you the feeling of bold and beautiful, but doesn’t look like you tattooed on your brows for the night. Not to mention, the waterproof gel is sure to keep your hairs in place throughout all the sweaty sex you (hopefully) have.

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