My Valentine’s Date With Sam Claflin

Valentine’s Day: A lot of hype.. for a night where things never go as planned. Therefore, we’ve decided to take things a different route this year: imagining our dream dates with the hunks that we all wish were our valentine’s. Hey, no shame in fantasizing…guys do it all the time!

Say hello to Sam Claflin.


If the name ‘Sam Claflin‘ doesn’t ring a bell, let us refresh your memory. Remember that cute guy in the Pirates of The Caribbean sequel that falls in love with a mermaid? How about the prince from Kristen Stewart‘s Snow White and The Huntsmen? We know you know Finnick Odair from Hunger Games: Catching Fire! If you’ve SOMEHOW missed out on all of these movies (do you live under a rock?), you can catch his new flick Love, Rosie with Lily Collins.

Alright, now that we’re caught up on exactly who is taking you out tonight. Pack your bags and get going to the airport, because we’ve got another British boy for you!


Although we can’t vouch for his true personality, it can’t be a coincidence that Sam ALWAYS ends up in the role of the dashing gentleman. I mean, he always seems to be saving a girl, what a cutie! Sticking to his gentleman reputation, Sam would take you on a traditional first date (well, maybe not so traditional in these times, but once upon a time). We’re thinking he picks you up at your door in a car (or Uber?) with roses, and takes you to a super romantic and elegant spot. (All while looking dashing in his fitted suit of course.)

Sam is clearly the perfect date, he manages to be romantic without seeming overbearing, and caring without creepy (a rarity in these times). He tells you that if he wasn’t acting he would probably be a teacher, and the motherly instinct in you is already imagining how great he is with kids.

Although his favorite food is battered sausage and chips (like a true Brit), you two share a Calamari appetizer, and he orders a steak for his main course (how manly). Thankfully, his choice of red wine is awesome and helping you to be a little less nervous, although you worry that your mouth is turning red.


When you get up from the table, you realize you may have drank a little too much wine as Sam helps you into your coat. You mentally try to stabilize yourself before you say anything embarrassing… like that you’ve always wanted to try a Hunger Games themed role-play.

You’re worried that Sam’s going to be too much of a nice guy to make a move on the first date, so when he leans in for a kiss while you wait for the car, you decide to show him that you’re ready to play with a super passionate kiss.

While you may have come off as a horn-dog… at least he got the message. After all, who knows when he’s going to have to jet off for his next film? Do you think he will let you call him Finnick while you f***? Only one way to find out..

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