URIAS gives us the best make-out soundtrack for you and boo

Just like when we all discovered Ruby Rose and started questioning whether or not we were attracted to both girls and guys — R&B singer URIAS makes us question ourselves yet again. With a hip hop-inspired vibey make-ya-wanna-make-out tune called “Head High,” URIAS used the song’s lyrics to come out to the world. While the message of the song is super serious, it’s vibes are more chill and a tad romantic even…

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URIAS says she’s always been heavily influenced by Hip Hop, soul and R&B — which means this chick knows exactly what type of soundtrack works best for hanging with your boo. “I always loved smooth sexual music that made you wanna dim the lights and vibe,” she says.

But just what would her recommendation be for other smooth tunes to keep the sexy vibes going strong? “My playlist would consist of Al Green and The Weeknd — all the way,” she says. And no doubt, we’d add “Head High” to that list — ’cause there’s nothing like a strong message from a sexy singer to turn you on, right?

So get to making that new playlist so it’s ready for when boo comes over — we won’t even laugh when you throw some old school Boyz II Men on there. Check out “Head High” by URIAS here, and peep our Q&A with our new Hollywood Girl Crush.

What are your thoughts on gender fluidity?

I believe it’s nice for people to be able to do whatever they want. I personally don’t feel like a man or a women. I’m somewhere in the middle of it all. Sometimes I wear makeup sometimes I don’t but it’s nice to be able to just do whatever I feel like.

We’ve heard “Head High” is about coming out LGBT — how does the song relate to that moment for you?

I remember when I first recorded and wrote it with my good friend Hajile I knew it was going to be the track that forced me out of my comfort zone. Once you hear you’re immediately like oh she’s gay. Singing sexually about another lover. Makes me happy. The song helped me really just break my fear of being judged for being myself.

Some say your music genre is “rock, pop, soul, baby-making music” — would you agree or disagree with that?

I loved everything as a kid. I went to my first rave when I was 3 in the desert and freestyles on a cassette when I was 4.

What is your fave artist to listen to when “Chilling with your boo”?

Always — The Weeknd. When he released the 3 mixtape for free a couple years back I remember my life changed. I was immediately like, “finally somebody gets me.”

What are three ways you think women can own their power and show it?

There’s a lot of ways for sure but for one not letting society make you feel like you have to live by their rules. Second, by remembering you’re beautiful and nobody can tell you you’re not. Last I would say making sure every woman looks out for one another and try to help bring each other up than down — if we did that we would be unstoppable as women.

Do you think the women coming out with their sexual harassment stories show bravery? What are your thoughts on this epidemic?

It takes a lot of courage and guts to put yourself out there and tell the world about your traumatic experiences. I’m proud of those women. I think all the men that sexually harass women need to be banish to an island and never get to come back to regular society. I don’t know if men are aware but this isn’t the 1900s you aren’t going to just get away with it.

We’ve heard you like old school hip hop and rap — what embarrassingly bad rap song do you know all the words to?

I love Biggie and A Tribe Called Quest — all the way. Q tip is the best. I don’t listen to bad rap music because I just can’t. I love Bodak Yellow by Cardi B and I like singing it acoustically — She’s amazing.

What’s next for you?

I’m releasing my EP next spring and planning for a US tour next year. Really excited to keep creating and inspiring others.

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