Urban Outfitters, You Have Screwed Up Yet Again


The Asshole of the week award goes to Urban Outfitters today for their vintage Kent State sweatshirt with with which included gunshot like holes and red droplets which resembled blood spatter. Kent State is famous for their 1970’s peaceful protest on their campus which ended in the murder of several students by the Ohio National Guard. Urban Outfitters has since apologized for the “negative perception” of the clothing item and has removed it from their stores, also claiming that the the red droplets are not actual blood, but just run off from the old pink dye of the sweatshirt. Whatever Urban Outfitters, we’ve heard this before and we remember the many other times that you have made some very embarrassing and despicable choices in your clothing items. Here are some of the most memorable.

Urban Outfitters Promotes Anorexia with Eat Less T Shirt

Mental Illness As Couture? Not Cute.

A T Shirt with A Star of David Patch Similar To Those Jews Were Forced to Wear During The Holocaust.

650x333xobama.png.pagespeed.ic.p54ettT9sd Only Urban Outfitters Would Offer “Obama Black” as a Color Option. Eye Rolls Please.

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