Unwind In The City: Urban Hiking


There are some days in April where you just want to yell at NYC and curse it out while Rancid plays in the background. The rain and fog can blind anything within the radius of each coffee shop. You can forget about walking to work, it’s too hard to even light your own cigarette with all the wind and drizzle!

Then you have these beautiful and clear Spring days where nothing can mess with your bright mood. You know, those days where you can walk without having to worry about wetting your leather jacket, or hopping over puddles to get to the nearest train. Instead, you get to wear florals and feel in season.

And where’s the best place to enjoy that fine city breeze? Central Park, of course! In fact, EVERY New Yorker should take the time off to hike the Central Park North Woods. Whether you’re coming from the East or West end, you’ll get a little bit of that Gotham aesthetic next to swooning trees (with leaves!).

One of the best parts about hiking in Central Park is that you get to be with nature, in the middle of a concrete jungle. It’ll feel like that Thoreau-inspired camping retreat you planned two summers ago but never got around to doing.


What To Bring To Your Hike

  1. Running sneakers—Because we’re not hobbits, bring your most comfortable pair of sneakers and make sure they have a good grip. You will be crossing some streams and climbing some hills, maybe some trees too.
  2. Sports top (bra, t-shirt, or no shirt)—Although it isn’t summer yet, it can get hot with all the walking you’re doing! Make sure you’ll be comfortable just in case if clothing becomes a excess. Don’t worry though, the breeze is still here to cool you down.
  3. Sunglasses—Although winter is gone and there’s no blinding glare from the snow, it still gets pretty sunny here. Besides, you’re always more bad-ass with sunglasses on.
  4. Sunscreen—If you can prevent facial wrinkles, do so. Otherwise it isn’t bright enough for a tan, sorry ladies and gents.
  5. Water bottle—Hydrating is supremely important for stamina, stay hydrated so you can really keep exploring. Did you know theres a Japanese pond with real coy fish in it somewhere in Central Park?
  6. Joint—This is “you” time, enjoy it. Bring along your best friend, sibling or partner and enjoy the adventure.
  7. Tambourine—It’s always pleasant to be a troubadour, so bring it along and play it. Let the walk inspire you, Mr. Tambourine Man.
  8. Portable speaker—When you find a groovy spot to post, put on some tunes and you’ll be feeling like it’s the 1970s in NYC again.

So go out, enjoy yourself, and get away from all the chaos!

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