The most unexpected old lady trends coming back this fall

As the leaves change colors, so do our closets with palettes shifting to match the natural earth toned hues outside and ever changing trends — and we can’t help but notice that some of our favorite trends this season are totally old lady chic.

We are having a serious blast from the past moment right now with vintage styles coming back in full force. Everything from 60’s silhouettes, to 90’s athleisure is coming back to the fashion forefront. Designers are reinventing classic looks, and giving them a new life.

Here are a few of the vintage trends you can expect to see a lot more of this fall. And don’t forget to watch “Heathers” because the 80s were prime time for young hotties dressing like grandmas and totally pulling it off.

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Matching Leisure Sets


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Long live velour! From track to sweat suits the sporty sets are back in style, and we’re not talking gym clothes. The new and improved sets are cozy, but offer a range of new cuts and styles to dress up or down.

No matter what material it is, a fly jacket paired with matching bottoms is an easy go to outfit when you want something chic and low maintenance. Hooded or crew neck, fitted joggers or baggy sweats you can wear a cropped jacket to sexy it up or keep the tomboy look.

Adidas and Juicy Couture will always be the classic brands to shop, but these days you can find sets of all patterns and sizes everywhere.

Vintage Prints

The 60’s and 70’s are notorious for the out of sight prints they wore. Funky fabrics from plaid to couch florals can be mixed and matched, or paired as a statement piece with solid colors. Even leopard and cheetah have made their way back into the limelight. Think Eartha Kitt.

Heavy embroidery, and patterns that look like they could also be wallpaper will make it easy for you to integrate this trend in your everyday life.

It’s a fun way to bring your wardrobe from drab to fab, so head down to your local thrift store and get those tags poppin’.

Oversized Jackets & Sweaters

For those of us who choose comfort over cute you can now accomplish both with oversized frocks this season.

Raid your boyfriend’s closet (or brother/friend’s if cuffing season is starting late for you) for a nice big sweater, pair it with shorts if needed, add some high heels and issa look!

The broad shouldered jackets, and super long tops work as stand alone pieces that speak for themselves, and give the outfit an effortlessly chic feel.

Midi Anything

Whether it be a dress, skirt, top or jacket mid-length is everything for Fall.

Switching gears from maxi dresses and mini skirts, the midi falls right in the middle and is perfect for dressing up or down. Hi-lo styling works well with this pairing perfectly with the oversized trend it’s all about giving off a carefree yet composed vibe.

Off the runway and into your wardrobe, this fall is all about being comfy and cozy as the cold picks up. Without losing your personal flare you can find ways to incorporate these trends into your style seamlessly.

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