Undress for No One: Featuring Melanie Ribbe by Bryce Thompson

We are so stoked to present this editorial of the beauty Melanie Ribbe. She answered a few fun questions about herself and her Jamaican upbringing. Check out her beautiful pictures by Bryce Thompson below:


Where’d you grow up?
In the beautiful town of Montego Bay, Jamaica.

5 thing you love about Jamaica:
-Jamaican food, the whole deal: Jamaican patties, jerk chicken, curry goat, calaloo, breadfruit, ackee, boiled green banana, Jamaican dumplings, festival, rice and peas, guinepps, sour soup, banana chips, coco bread and cheese etc.
– Bob Marley and reggae music.
– The lush green scenery; Jamaica is beautiful.
– The attitude of being happy and content: “No Problem Mon”
– Redstripe

Where can we see you DJ?
In the future in London, Dubai, Miami, LA etc.

Have you DJ’d in Jamaica?
Not yet, but maybe this December when I come home for Christmas. I’ll organise something.

10 things we don’t know about you:
– I speak 5 languages
– Skipped 6th grade unto 7th.
– Appeared on a TV show in Germany at age 17 with Heidi Klum.
– Taught belly dancing as a hobby for fun in High School.
– Pursued photography hobby before becoming a model.
– Owned a model agency at age 16 in Jamaica.
– Practiced Tae-kwon-do.
– Was Cheerleading captain in high school.
– Earned a DJ certificate from the London Academy of Music Production.
– Loves dancing, especially Latin dance; salsa, bachata, merengue.









Model: Melanie Ribbe ( Storm Model Management)
Photographer: Bryce Thompson
Make up: Marni Burton (Crosby Carter Management)

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