Da-Da-Damn. We’ve been applauding all types of models since brands started realizing that we don’t all want to see ONLY stick-thin models in every single spread. We’re not all stick thin, and we’re not all curvy, but we like to see a variety because who doesn’t like options? While there are even ads proclaiming “real” girls still involve some photo-shopping, nothing makes a girl happier than seeing an un-retouched photo of a smokin’ hot bae. I say this because an unedited photo of supermodel Cindy Crawford leaked from her shoot for Marie Claire Mexico and Latin America. Guess what? She looks HOT! If Cindy can look that great un-retouched at age 48, we can only assume that younger bombshells like our girls Gigi Hadid and Kelly Rohr look great sans photoshop too!

Regardless of the fact that photographers will always rely on a little bit of photoshop, god damn Cindy, you look FANTASTIC.


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