Ultimate 90’s Style Guide: Forgotten Trends That Need To Be Brought Back


90’s nostalgia has been going strong since the 2010’s started. In our hearts, Kate Moss will always be our ride-or-die. We still blast Aaliyah’s (RIP) one and only album from our iPhones. We even use the Sepia filter on Instagram to make our pics look tastefully vintage – although ironically, our technology is anything but. It’s partly psychological: the Millenial babies are growing up, getting real jobs, paying bills, living the adult life and realizing it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. We relieve the stress of adulthood by culturally and stylistically reverting to an era when we ate Cheerios out of a Zip Loc for snack time and spent our time watching corny TV on Nickelodeon.

Our fear of adulthood is outwardly projected by dressing like 5 year olds in overalls and baseball hats, flower crowns and platform Converse. While we love and admire 90’s style, there are bunch of trends that look stupid, no matter how you steez them up. Many others are completely overdone to the point that even the biggest die-hard shutters at the sight (I’m talking about the aforementioned flower crowns). So here’s a round up of 90’s style: the good, the overdone, and the forgotten. Hopefully this guide will give you some new ideas for 90’s trends to revive – and ones that should forever die.

The Good


Crop Tops. Some fashionistas probably disagree, but IMO, a little slice of midriff is always what the doctor ordered. They sex up sweats, jeans, shorts, and everything else. You probably already have 10 crop tops in your wardrobe, so you don’t need to listen to me sing their praises.

Adidas slides. So convenient. So cute. For some reason, they even look cool with gym socks (as long as you don’t do full-on work out wear.) Slide sandals look sleek and modern despite being a blast from the past. 

Platform shoes. Crazy, but so so cool. As with crop tops, they look great with virtually anything, except sweats (gagging at the thought of that). Brands like YRU and Jeffrey Campbell have revamped this 90’s trend, embracing the platform, but adding in modern elements like blocking and colored leather. Love. 

The Overdone

tattoo_choker_galore_magThose f*cking chokers. Tattoo chokers seem really emo, and not in the good way. You look like you’re trying to cover up an Adam’s apple. Truly, I might not hate this trend as much if these skimpy strips of plastic weren’t so damn expensive. Paying over $5 for one of these is just idiotic when you could rip off a piece of plastic bag, tie it around your neck and achieve the same look. Please, for the love of mercy, put your tattoo choker in the trash where it belongs. 

The Forgotten


Sleek sunnies. We continue to harbor love for oversized Olsen twin style sunnies that cover our entire face and make us look like giant-eyed bugs. I wish some designer would come out with a line of small, chic sunnies that don’t make you look like Charlie’s Angels. Unfortunately, the real vintage pairs leave something to be desired: it might be their rectangular shape that needs to be reimagined. 

Festival vests. Vests have been synonymous with loser-dome since Mean Girls came out: one of the Plastic’s rules, “You can’t sit with us if you wear a vest”. But if you look back at 90’s TV: Boy Meets World, Fresh Prince, etc, the chic girls all rocked printed, embellished vests and looked FAB. Even Uncle Jesse on Full House looked hot as hell in his leather vest over a white tee. But this trend, sadly, has been relinquished to the back of the fashion-concious mind. 

Tanks over tees. IDK if this trend should come back. It makes your shoulders look huge and your boobs look frumpy. Alicia Silverstone in Clueless basically invented the trend, and though she is my 90’s style spirit animal, I also remember Charlotte wearing this on Sex and The City. As a rule, anything that Charlotte wore is a no-go. 

Mood rings. Who wouldn’t want a magical ring that tells you how you’re feeling before you know yourself?! Even though these cheapo rings turn your finger green and usually stop predicting your mood within three days or as soon as you wash your hands, they’re worth it. They look amazing with stacked jewlery and hopefully more peeps will be wearing them at festivals this year. 

Soul patches. This one is for the dudes. Thankfully, most guys have not shaved their face pubes but left a tiny little scruff below their lip, which looks like a forgotten animal friend that curled up on your face and decided to stay a while. They look creepy, dirty, and always have. The dudes of today have replaced this facial hair trend with goatees, which also look creepy and dirty and always will. No love lost here. 


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