The Ultimate 4/20 Playlist

If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably not smoking weed right now.  Rihanna does NOT approve and neither do we (unless you’re actively at work right now, in which case you have our deepest condolences).  Even though there’s no such thing as a wrong day to blaze, there’s only one day where you can be stoned all day, and nobody’s allowed to tell you that you need to start taking your life more seriously.  Yes, April 20th is a magical day.

So really the question is, what are you waiting for?  4/20 only comes once a year, and you never know which year is gonna be your last.  Do yourself a favor right now and go back to your room, put on your favorite marijuana-inspired outfit, pour yourself a big ole glass of water (because cotton mouth sucks balls) , grab your weed, roll yourself up a fatty, and then sit back, relax and push play on our ultimate 4/20 soundtrack.  Go, get your blaze on.

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