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Add this band to the top of your band crush list: Novella. The UK pop-noir group channel a love for 60s culture into their dreamy aesthetic. Their songs somehow have found a perfect home in today’s very new way of music. We spoke to Novella about their journey as artists and even got some expert music recommendations from them. They shared a badass throwback playlist, favorite style icons and a look inside their gorgeous new record, Land. 

Galore Mag - Novella - Sinderlyn

You all have such a wonderful aesthetic – who are some of your favorite style-icons?

Francoise Hardy, late ’60s Jimmy Page, Patti Smith, The Runaways, Mrs Robinson in The Graduate.

Galore - The Graduate - Mrs. Robinson - Novella

Give us one sentence that describes your new record, Land.

Songs about twenty-something limbo set to drones, riffs and noise.

What five songs would you definitely include in a throwback playlist?

Stereolab – “Jenny Ondioline”

Simon and Garfunkel – “America”

Velvet Underground – “Oh! Sweet Nuthin”

Sonic Youth – “Teenage Riot”

Patti Smith – “Land”

What women in music do you find inspiring?

Kim Gordon, Patti Smith, Selda, Stevie Nicks, Laetitia Sadier, Grace Slick, Delia Derbyshire, Ellie Greenwich…the list is endless.

Galore - Kim Gordon - Gif - Novella

Favorite Netflix binge-watch?

I’m a big Netflix binger… I’m not sure what my favorite is but I just watched the whole House of Cards season three in one weekend (but didn’t everyone)? Also love all their documentaries, currently watching the series about the history of America.

Galore - House of Cards - Gif - Novella

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