UK Artist Delilah On Performing With Prince, Tattoos, And Tweenage Screen Names!

Not many people can say they’ve performed on stage with legendary artist Prince, much less that they’re his protege…that is, unless you’re Delilah. The Paris-born, London-raised singer/songwriter, whose debut album From The Roots Up came out to rave reviews just last year, has better credentials at 23 than some her older industry colleagues. We caught up with Delilah whilst on tour to talk shop and see the singer has coming up in 2014..

What’s it like performing with Prince?

The first time in Sydney, Australia was scary! I did a 40 min support show in a massive arena where no one really knew me. He asked me to sing a duet with him– I was so excited, I thought I might forget the words– we sang You Got the Look together. I had an epic mic failure and had to stand there singing with him from the same mic until mine came on– looking back it was an amazing experience.

How did you come up with your stage name?

Well, I wanted to be me– Paloma, but as Paloma Faith was becoming established, I was encouraged to call myself something else. It’s actually an anagram of my grandma and great grandma’s names.

What was the inspiration for From The Roots Up?

I was so young when I signed. The seeds where sewn by my mum and stepdad, and my grandma was very musical so it seemed appropriate to acknowledge my roots and what makes me, me. From the Roots Up is about me growing into Delilah.

How many tattoos do you have and where’s your most private one?

I have lots of tattoos. In fact I just had a new one done the other day. In this mad world they help me remember who I am and are an expression of my personal creativity– the private ones are private!


How do you feel about Hackney being so gentrified? Is it lame now?

No not really. It’s life. The creative ones make things, people, places, even music “cool”, then they have to sell out or get bought out cause it’s become so popular and sadly expensive!

What’re you asking Santa for this year?

To make sure my new album is exactly how I visualise it and gets finished on time!

Who’s your ultimate girl crush (dead or alive)?

I have no idea right now– probably a mix of many for all kinds of reasons…

What beauty products do you use to get your look?

I’ve always cleansed, toned and moisturized everyday since young– but nothing fancy. Simple works really well!

What do you have in your purse at all times that no one would expect?


Best advice for young girls getting into the industry?

Remember who you are and what’s truly important. Everything matters, but only some things are important. In this industry, like others I imagine, everything needs to happen now! If music is your food, respect it, savor it, chew slowly and enjoy it.

What was your first screen name ever and how’d you come up with it?

Princess P. I performed at a JAM session when I was 12 at the jazz cafe in Camden Town. They asked me what name to put on the flyer and I had no idea so they put Princess P!

What do you have coming up in 2014?

New video, new single, new album and a new tour…maybe with Prince?

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