Get Toned Like UFC Fighter Jamillette Gaxiola

Jamillette Gaxiola picks up her boxing gloves and shows Galore what it takes to be a UFC fighter. Gaxiola might be a supreme beauty queen, but underneath her stunning exterior lies her fighter’s mentality. Being a professional fighter taught Gaxiola all about putting the work in work out, so she shared some ways to get in shape that guarantee a hard body, just in time for the new school year.

Getting Involved With UFC: The opportunity came not too long ago; I was offered a small appearance on the Ultimate Fighter, something that was supposed to be a small segment.  After my shoot, the fans responded tremendously and a few days later UFC contacted me to represent Latin America. The rest is history. I’m extremely thankful for the faith and trust the UFC organization has put in me, and especially the love I have received from the fans.

The Hardest Part Of Fighting: The aftermath. The pain is brutal. The most fun is definitely scaring the boyfriend!

Other Sports That Help You Exercise: Sometimes what I like to do to switch out my routine is to go for an intense hike. I live in Las Vegas and we have amazing hiking trails.

Best Piece Of Fitness Advice You Learned From Fighting: I have learned that strategy is very important.  You have to have the right strategy to beat your opponent.  It’s not about being the strongest, it’s about being the smartest.

Favorite New Fall Workout: Barre. It’s very challenging, but I love it! Especially since I have a strong background in Ballet.

Photos Courtesy Of Shandrew PR

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