These Types of Lip Colors Look Good On Everyone

We can all agree that online shopping is the best, except when you’re not sure about how something’s gonna look on you. Which happens all the time, especially with makeup.

While some makeup products are easier to buy blind — like blush and eye shadow — lipsticks are notoriously difficult.There’s nothing more disappointing than taking a chance on a color you’re pretty positive will look phenom with your skin tone, only to unbox it and realize you look you just came town with a highly contagious disease. And since it touched your lips, you can’t return it.

But luckily there are some lip colors that look good on everyone.

Online shoppers, this is your lucky day.

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Celebrity makeup artist Melissa Walsh told StyleCaster that the key to finding a lip color that’ll work for whatever skin tone you have is to look for sheer colors.

“Look for a transparent lip color that contains a hint of rose or berry to enhance your natural lip shade, effectively creating a better version of your own lips,” she explained.

She also added that products that give your lips a light glossy finish are universally flattering.

Luckily this advice works perfectly with the no-makeup makeup trend currently running amok in the makeup world.

Here are some sheer colors that won’t leave you disappointed.


This Sugar lip treatments comes in a variety of colors, plus it’s SPF 15 so it’s perfect for the summer.

Buy it here.


If you want to treat yourself to something nice, try this Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss. Not only will it look great on you, no matter what your skin tone, but it’ll help give your lips a little boost. Cuz let’s be real, we can’t all afford to go to the doctor to get some fillers.

Buy it here.

[H/T StyleCaster]

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