Tyler The Creator Learned The Hard Way That London Appeases Feminism

The rapper was looking forward to a day off in London during his busy, heavily-booked European tour, however, unbeknownst to him, his day off was about to be extended. When Tyler the Creator and his crew reached the French-English border between Calais and Dover, they were detained and instructed they were not to cross any further, despite the fact that Tyler had multiple shows scheduled, including a performance at Leeds and Reading Festivals. According to a recent Jezebel post, Tyler was declined entrance into the UK on account of the Unacceptable Behavior policy in which they can use against any non-U.K. citizens if they feel that the individual may, “use any means or medium… to express views that… foster hatred which might lead to inter-community violence in the U.K.,” and they used Tyler’s premature lyrics as evidence.

The complaints were made from feminist activist, Theresa May, the Conservative Home Secretary of the U.K. Home Office and they regarded lyrics from some 18-year-old Tyler tunes including “Tron Cat,” “Sarah,” and “VCR.” Tyler’s argument, which he voiced to Jezebel, for these songs that obtain controversial and racy lyrics, often regarding his stand towards women is “I never perform those songs.” Just because he won’t say these words in front of a live audience means that they’re okay to be written in the first place?

Tyler is playing the victim card as he clearly feels targeted by all feminists alike at the moment, and this isn’t the first time, given the Odd Future advocator was “banned” from Australia in 2013 when a feminist actitivist, Melinda Tankard Reist, successfully protested his appearance at a clothing store. Tyler proclaims in regards to this attack against him, “After people finally listened, and I used that to inspire so much and use what I do for good instead of the negative that you’re trying to say that I use it for? They’re making me seem like the most evil piece of shit ever. I’m the total opposite of that.” Are they Tyler? Or are your lyrics already pretty good at speaking for themselves?

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