Kylie & Khloé Went to a Psychic on TV

It’s healthy to have a normal amount of skepticism when somebody says they’re an honest to god medium, but apparently, celebrities didn’t get that memo.

Or if they did, they burned it and got selectively Eternal Sunshined before appearing on an episode of E!’s gem of a reality program, Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry.

And in honor of its third season, E! pulled some strings and got Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner to agree to a reading, and boy are things getting complicated in their love lives.


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In a riveting thirty-second trailer, Tyler Henry sits Khloe and Kylie down on a sofa because what he was about to tell them would SHOCK them.

“Someone tries to get with one sister, then tries to get with the other,” Tyler tells the girls during a 30-second trailer, while pressing his hand against his forehead so they’ll take him more seriously.

“What?” exclaimed Khloe, pretending like the idea of one guy trying to hit on two girls even though they happened to be sisters seemed like an unbelievable concept to her.

Are you shook yet?

Now why anybody would take the word of a guy who rose to prominence when he was 20 years old and still getting driven around BY HIS MOTHER to perform these party tricks is beyond me, but money is a helluva motivating factor and nobody pays the bills quite like E!.

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[H/T Daily Mail]

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