Tyler Blackburn Is The Sexiest Man On Instagram, And He Knows It

Today may be Columbus Day, but the only holiday I’m interested in celebrating is Tyler Blackburn‘s birthday – which isn’t a national holiday yet, but it really should be because look at him.


If you don’t watch Pretty Little Liars, ABC Family’s surprisingly progressive drama about four girls and their psychotic bestie, there’s a lot of things you’re missing out on, but mostly it’s just Tyler Blackburn. On the show, Tyler plays Ashley Benson’s ride or die boyfriend, and in real life, he’s an Instagram king who could go toe-to-toe with any of these ladies when it comes to snapping sexy selfies.

But since women get really pissed off when men just talk about how hot they are, I’ve decided to take a slightly less demeaning stance and take the time to prove to you all that Tyler Blackburn isn’t just one of the hottest men on Instagram, he’s also one of the most stylish.

Unlike most twenty-something-year-old men, Tyler’s not afraid to wear bold prints:


And he’s the only man besides Adam Levine who can make a Hawaiian shirt look that sexy:


He’s considered one of the pioneers of unbuttoning, constantly pushing the limits of what’s considered acceptable:


Sunglasses and hats are his go-to accessories:


But it’s important to not that he also has excellent taste in shoes:


And is a known advocate for making sure every man, woman and child has a pair of fresh kicks:


Sometimes he likes to wear dope ass moon sweatshirts that practically scream ‘I smoke weed’:


And sometimes he likes to wear no shirts at all:


Seriously, tiny swim trunks have never looked this good:


But even though he cleans up rurl nice:


He wears it best when he wears nothing at all:


Happy Birthday, Tyler Blackburn.  And from all of us here at Galore, thank you.

All photos via Tyler Blackburn’s Instagram. 

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