Tyga And Kylie Jenner’s Video For ‘Stimulated’ Isn’t Dirty, Your Mind Is

As you’ve undoubtably heard by now, on Sunday night, Tyga dropped a video for “Stimulated”, the followup single from his recent mixtape Fux Wat They Talkin Bout, which centers around his relationship with Kylie Jenner.

Like most mainstream rap songs, “Stimulated” is about status and pussy, but unlike most rap music videos, where rappers portray themselves as living lavish alcohol and drug-fueled lives with scantily clad women waiting around every corner, ready, willing and able to grind up on any dick that passes by, “Stimulated” actually feels real.

The music video is less about portraying Tyga as a rap persona, and more about portraying Tyga as a 
rapper who’s had a couple of hits to his name, but hasn’t quite managed to earn either the respect or the fame of some of his peers.

Like all artists, the partying is only a part of his life. Before he can get there, he has to do the work.


While throughout most of the video, Tyga is alone in his house, going over his lyrics with a red pen, rolling up Js for inspiration, and casually enjoying his luxurious beach-front property (the video’s only concession to hip hop luxury), all anybody can talk about is the music video’s other star: Kylie Jenner.

Despite the fact that Kylie Jenner doesn’t shed a single article of clothing, let alone give her boyfriend more than a chaste kiss on the lips, the majority of blogs are calling the music video “steamy“, “super-sexual” and “uncomfortable.”

Why?  Because they can’t get past the fact that Tyga penned a sex anthem about a young woman who  only recently turned eighteen.

Nobody wants to focus on the fact that the two have been dating for nearly a year and are very clearly in love, they just want to focus on lyrics like “they say she young, I should’ve waited, she a big dog girl, when she stimulated.”

Of course Tyga and Kylie Jenner are having sex.  They’re in a relationship and that’s what people in relationships do.  And of course Tyga wrote about it in explicit rhymes, because that’s what rappers do.  For the most part, mainstream rap is all about establishing a harder-than-thou persona.  It’s all about boastful recollections of steamy nights and out of control sexual encounters that ordinary men can only dream of having.  That’s how you get people to buy into your image.  You have to make the fantasy seem real.  What takes “Stimulation” to the next level is that Tyga allows us a peak behind the curtain, showing us who the man behind the persona is, and what his relationship with Kylie really looks like.


Like future President of the United States Kanye West alluded to last night in his infamous acceptance speech, shining a spotlight on controversy is the easiest way to boost your ratings.  Or in this case, get more clicks for your website.  Nobody wants to be the website that runs the headline “Kylie Jenner And Boyfriend Tyga Cozy Up Together In New Music Video” when your competitors are going with “Did Tyga’s Explicit Video With Kylie Jenner Cross The Line?”

Watch the video for yourself and ask yourself, is there really anything that inappropriate going on?

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