Shannon And Shannade Clermont Make A Case For Colored Eyebrows

Shannon and Shannade Clermont have been modeling since the age of eight. With experience comes an arsenal of beauty knowledge to rival even the most seasoned makeup artist—the twins know the products, predict the trends, and given their bold sense of beauty, they always stunt the competition. That’s why they were the perfect pair to share the biggest beauty trends for fall 2015. Top trends 0n the Clermont twins list? Rock colored eyebrows for everyday life, get bold with your eyeliner, and remember one thing: “Have confidence!”

Prep Your Skin: Every day, we do a Clinique Charcoal mask and wash our faces every 4 hours or every time you step inside the house after being out.

Avoid Looking Oily: Put a press powder on to help keep the makeup looking fresh. If you’re going dewey, put it on before you apply the mineral finish.

Dewey Glow: Use Mac Gold Deposit Mineralalize Finish! Pick the perfect shade depending on your skin melanin!

Matte Lipstick: We love the Colored Raine matte lipstick line! We are not fans of shiny lip glosses. We tend to stick to warmer colors like nudes and purples.

Colorful Eyebrows: Step outside your comfort zone. To get the look, we line our eyebrows with concealer (instead of filling them in first). Then, blend in the concealer. Next, spray hairspray in a cup to use as a base for the brows so the eyeshadow can stick. Apply the hairspray with a small makeup brush onto the eyebrows (however you choose to apply, is where the eyeshadow will, stick so don’t be messy)! Finally, use a small eyeshadow brush to apply the pink (or color of your choice) eyeshadow to your brows.

Stand Out With Bold Makeup: Choose subtle clothes so there’s not too much color, then apply and stunt! Other than brows, it’s always great to add a bold lip, or a colored eyeliner with a soft lip! It’s a way to add an extra fabulous touch.

Photos: Jabari Jacobs

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