These Female Tweets From A Male Perspective Perfectly Capture The Double Standard

We love some good Twitter beef! Who doesn’t though?

It was brought to our attention that @THEDONLADY decided to do something a little different with the power of Twitter. She tweeted images and quotes that are typical of male Twitter users, except she did them from a female perspective.

Although many of these “jokes” and memes are generally viewed as harmless and teasing, seeing them from a female perspective really opened our eyes to how the double standard is so widely accepted that it’s no longer even questioned.

Check out the tweets below and prepare to laugh at the foolishness, but also feel resentment towards the double standard:

The_Don_Lady_Tweets_05 The_Don_Lady_Tweets_05 The_Don_Lady_Tweets_01The_Don_Lady_Tweets_06  The_Don_Lady_Tweets_03 The_Don_Lady_Tweets_010

The best part about these tweets, is that many clueless dudes were in outrage about them and didn’t understand the satiric meaning behind them. You, my friend, are the problem.

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