TV’s Hottest Jock Gets Real About What He Finds Sexy

Whether you’re currently in high school or you’re long past college, you’ll always remember that one sexy jock.

Sadly, though, what real-life jocks have in carnal appeal, they often lack in personality or shelf life — just think about where that high school hottie is now.

But lucky for us, TV jocks exist in a fictional, perfect world where they stay hot forever and can even carry a conversation. Take Zero in Vh1’s Hit The Floor, for example. Peep a photo of Adam Senn in character as him, and you’ll feel like you’re getting butterflies at your locker.

And in real life, Senn is cool, funny, and a Dolce & Gabbana model. We caught up with him to talk fashion, forbidden love, and the perfect winter date.

You’ve worked closely with Dolce & Gabbana for multiple projects, what’s the best part of working with the fashion duo?

The best part is the family environment. It never quite seems like work. The clothes and images are always amazing.  

What fashion brands do you prefer to wear?

I love D&G, RRL, Levi’s, Common Projects. I also love finding new things that not everyone else has — no labels, vintage. Hell, I can make a good Walmart combo work haha. 

In Hit The Floor, players and cheerleaders aren’t allowed to date, have you ever experienced a similar type of “forbidden love/lust?”


Season 3 of the show is coming out late next month, what should viewers look out for?

There will be plenty of jaw dropping moments and amazing dancing routines. 

Have you ever dated a dancer/cheerleader before? What type of girls make you go crazy?

I have never dated a dancer before. The type of girl that makes me go crazy is a self-sufficient hard working girl who knows what she wants out of life, has passion and doesn’t need some guy to take care of her. Super turn on

If we haven’t seen Hit The Floor before, why should we start watching?

If you like drugs, sex, and rock & roll, as well as professional sports, it’s the show for you. The writing and storytelling is relevant and entertaining. It’s the most diverse show on TV and one of few that has amazing dance routines. Some of the best music on TV.  Not to mention a beautiful cast of talented actors.

What song should Galore add to our sex playlist?

Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph.”

What’s something underrated-ly sexy that girls do?

Offer to make a plan. 

What’s the sexiest thing a girl can wear?

Her skin! I love a simple nighty.

What’s the perfect winter date idea?

I’m a big fan of a fire and smores! 

What are your thoughts on cuffing season?

I’m over it.

Where can we catch you next?

Hit The Floor Season 3 premieres Monday Jan 18th 9/8c.

Screenshots via Dolce & Gabbana.

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