It’s Possible Pull A Muscle In Your Vagina, And It Happened To Me

We all know that the sex-ed we were subjected to as children was complete bullshit. It told us that we get periods, but not how to put in a tampon before your BFF’s pool party. They tell you to use a condom, but not that boys are going to be begging you to let them hit it raw for the rest of your life. Another thing they fail to mention is the slew of things that can happen to our most precious lady parts. As if getting a period once a month isn’t bad enough, there are a whole list of things that can be considered “pussy problems.”

One of these problems that you might not be aware of, is that it is possible to pull a muscle in your vagina. I learned when it happened to me. When and how did I pull a muscle in my vagina, huh? Was I doing some crazy new sex position? Having a threesome? Using a vagina selfie-stick? Nope. I was in high school and doing plain old girl-on-top at my boyfriend’s (parent’s) house.

So my high school boyfriend and I did have some awesome sex that could be considered crazy for the average 17-year-old’s standards. However, this was an average morning which started with some run of the mill morning sex, I was riding on top, leaning back to give my shaggy haired boo a nice view, and I felt a rush of pain. The side of my pussy felt like it was on fire. I couldn’t even finish having sex.

As a 17-year-old, I’d never even been to the gynecologist, but now seemed like the opportune moment. I rushed to the doctor, and learned that instead I hadn’t contracted a rare STD, but rather, did the equivalent of pulling a muscle in my vagina.

The solution? Abstaining from sex for a few days (the struggle). The bonus? Since I finally went to the gyno, I was able to go on birth control without my mom having to know.

If it makes you feel any better, guys can sprain their dicks too.

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