Nianga Niang From Illuminati AMS Talks Unicorn Juice And Spa Water

Amsterdam based DJ set Illuminati AMS stopped to talk with us about everything from Unicorn juice to secret songs for our Absolut Tune series! Scroll down for the DJ’s interview and playlist!

What made you want to become a DJ?

We love to make people dance, smile and feel sexy at the same time

How do you flaunt your sparkle and rock your spirit?

We drink Unicorn juice before we go on…Google it

What is your favorite song at the moment?

It’s a secret– we are working on it


If you were an Absolut Tune cocktail, what would you be?

Vodka, lime, cucumber and a little mint– we call it Spa water

What do you want for Christmas?


What does Illuminati AMS mean to you?

Illuminati AMS is my way of expressing me to music, video and other media. I can be totally free
when creating something new with our team, Naleye, Demikey and Jaziah. Illuminati AMS are enlightened ones, free thinkers from Amsterdam.

Todje Terje- Q
Lil Durk- Dis Ain’t What You Want
Clipse ft Pharrell- I’m Good
Green Velvet- Bigger Than Prince
Lil Wayne- I’m Single
Juicy Jay ft ASAP Rocky Scholarship
Crazy- Noze remix
Ennio- Ready For Love

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