Tune DJ: Jasmine Solano Talks Music Tastes And Staying Healthy

We’re so excited that renowned NY residing DJ Jasmine Solano is playing our magazine release party tonight, amongst other awesome DJs. We popped by her set at Miss Lily’s to chat about her DJing and Absolut Tune, she even wore gold to match the bottle. Check out the snaps and the interview!


How long have you been djing for?
I started DJing on the radio when I was 17, bought my first pair of turntables when I was 18 – so since my teens.

How would describe your musical taste? Is it the same as what you like to play?
Global and soulful. I mix sounds from everywhere around the world, all types of genres, new music and old – but I can’t play it if it doesn’t have some soul.

Your top tip to staying healthy and energized in the party scene?
You have to keep a solid balance between sleep, exercise, eating healthy and having fun.

Where do you play in NY?
I have a residency at the W Hotel Downtown once a month, it’s called “Downtown Saturday Night”. Otherwise I’m usually flying somewhere to spin, be it in the US or abroad.


Where in the world would you love to play?
Bali. My father is from Indonesia and spent 8 years of his childhood growing up in Bali. To DJ there would be an honor.

What’s coming up for you?
Lots! I have a mini-series coming out that I partnered with MTV Iggy on. My DJ Duo with MeLo-X, “Electric Punanny” just finished a World Tour in the fall and we’re headed out on a North American Tour this spring. And lots more to be unveiled soon 🙂

How do you like drinking absolut tune?
I like that it has a white wine / champagne taste. You could sip it straight and it would still taste good.

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