Tune Darlings: Uh Huh Her Talk Cocktails and Style Icons!

LA-based band Uh Huh Her take a break from the studio to talk style icons and cocktails as apart of our new Absolut Tune series! Check out the interview below!

What was your inspiration for the new album?

Rainy Days, Gloss, Overtures, digital vs analog, arpeggiators, early depeche mode, green goodies, rothko, mirror balls, and lasers.

Who are your style icons?

Camila: Grace Jones, and Bowie circa Ziggy era

Leisha: Charlotte Gainsbourg

What musician would you want to collaborate with on this upcoming album?

Martin Gore- His synth sounds are dreamy.


How do you celebrate after a long day in the studio?

Absolut Tune chilled, by the pool and gaze at the stars (if and when you can see them- it is LA after all)

Best advice for couples that work together?

Giving each other creative license and space in general, and being able to separate what kind of fight you are having.  Is this a GF fight, or a band fight?  Being able to differentiate is key here haha.

Who are some of your favorite musician duos of all time?

Simon and Garfunkel, Plant and Page, Sid and john lydon, Mick  Jagger Keith Richards, and Icona Pop


Favorite Absolut Tune cocktail?

The Tres Chic, which is 4 parts Absolut Tune and 1 part Pomegranate juice

What do you have coming up in 2014?

Our third full length album will be out sometime in March of 2014.

How to make the Tres Chic:

What You Need-

1 part pomegranate juice

1 part Absolut Tune

How To Mix-

Build in a chilled flute

Garnish with a lemon twist


Topped with Chilled ABSOLUT TUNE

Gimme More POP

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