Tune Darling: Jennifer Akerman Dishes On Indie Bands And Cocktails

We  caught up with Swedish born model and musician Jennifer Akerman about her new band Jaxx and  her favorite cocktails



How do you flaunt your sparkle and unleash your spirit
Be confident, believe and be yourself. What brings out the best in you is usually your passion, so let it show!
How would you describe your music?
Indie/pop/rock. The music has a pretty big range. We get inspired by lots of different genres and for me a good song is a good song. I like well written lyrics.
How was life growing up in Sweden?
I was born and raised in Stockholm but moved to the south of Sweden when I started high school. The stress as a teenager in the capital decreased and life because more peaceful. I began taking lots of dance classes after school and got a bigger interest in music. I’ve always known I wanted to be a performer.
The Naughty Bellini!
 Add peach puree into a champagne glass. Top up with ABSOLUT Tune. 1 Part Peach Puree, ABSOLUT TUNE
How do you celebrate after a show?
I love the night of a show. Quick rehearsal followed by a little bit of Absolut Tune. Depending on the gig of course.. Afterwards I like to mingle and hang out with friends. Me and Lorenzo, the other half of JAXX are like best friends so we always have a good time.
Any artist you’d like to collaborate this year
We’d love to collaborate with a big producer/dj. I think our organic sound would be really cool to mix with a heavy dj. We like to go big!

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