Tune Darling: Ms. Fitz Tells Us Her Favorite Parties and Designers

Creative director and artist Ms. Fitz caught up with to discuss what she’s creating in NYC and how she likes to unwind with Absolut Tune. Check her website out MsFitz.us and read her blog here!


Tell us a little bit about what your creating in NY right now

I am all about creating real experiences and JOMO (the joy of missing out). 2014 is about spending time with real friends and loved ones, logging off and connecting with those who I really care about.

What are the best parties to go to in NYC?

Dizzyland at the Spectrum is my favourite


How do you flaunt your sparkle and unleash your spirit?

Make up! Hair! Shoes!Give me glamour or give me death!

Where are you favorite places to shop/your favorite designers?

Thrift stores, or my designer friends like BCALLA, Chromat, Zaldy and Vaughan Alexander.

Where do you like to enjoy Absolut Tune?

At a house party with my crew of misfits!

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