Tune Darling: DJ Chelsea Leyland Talks Basel Exhibitions And How She Cools Down In The Miami Heat!

DJ Chelsea Leyland took a break from the desks to talk Art Basel exhibitions and how she cools down in the Miami heat as a part of our new series with Absolut Tune! Check out the DJ’s exclusive Basel playlist and interview below!

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How did you get into the DJ game?

I was basically asked to DJ by Ben Watts, who’s a photography and good friend of mine. I didn’t really know how to DJ and I put together this playlist for a 4th of July notorious party that has now become a 3,000 person rave, but at the time was a couple of hundred people when I first moved to New York. He asked me create the playlist, so I made that off an iPod and it went very well. It was actually my boyfriend at the time who told me I had something going on there, and that I should take some classes and perhaps learn to do this professionally. So I started to take classes with another DJ and the rest is history. I started off doing smaller gigs, but I was lucky to book a Fashion’s Night Out gig and I knew a lot of people in the fashion world who were asking me to DJ for them, and it went from here.

So who are some of your favorite female musicians?

Patti Smith, Kate Bush, Wendy O’Williams, Rihanna, Etta James, Wonder Jackson, FKA Twins, Grimes, Lauryn Hill, Solange, Missy Elliott

If you were an Absolut Tune cocktail, how would we make you?

Absolut Tune mixed with watermelon and jalapeno. Call it an Absolut Chelsea 😛

GALORE MAG Issue #4 Celebration + Launch of the Galore Mag Shop

What are you pumped to see at Art Basel this year?

I’m excited to go to Design Miami because its one of my favorite things to go to. Then I’m excited to go and check out my friend Kesh’s work, she’s a great friend, I’m a super fan of her work. Also, I’m looking forward to see the Gagozian gallery at the Miami Convention center.

What do you have coming in 2014?

A lot of travel, traveling a lot for DJing. Producing my own music is probably the most exciting thing thing. Putting out my tracks and producing my own music is going to be the big thing for me.

What advice do you have for other girls out there to protect themselves from the Miami heat?

Wear a big beautiful hat, always cover your face with high factor and, I dunno, I love the sun, I think a bit of Vitamin D is good for you. Just protect your skin, get a good organic sunscreen, always cover your face with a big hat, and whenever possible, jump in the ocean.

How to make an Absolut Chelsea:

Absolut Tune
2 parts watermelon juice
1 jalapeno, seeded, deveined and chopped

Photos courtesy of BFA

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