Tune Darling: DJ Becka Diamond Talks Music And How To Make A Diamond Crush Cocktail!

We caught up with DJ Becka Diamond during one of her sets in NYC to chat about music and how to make her Diamond Crush cocktail as part of our new series with Absolut Tune! Check out our interview with Becka as well as her exclusive Tune playlist below!


If you were an Absolut Tune cocktail, how would we make you and what would you be called?

Fill a tall glass with ice, add a splash of Ramazotti, top with Absolut Tune & a twist of lemon. Call it Diamond Crush.

What’s your favorite socializing game?

Playing records

What do you want from Santa this year?

I hope Santa brings me some Rick Owens & Ableton Live 9.

What’s your favorite jam to DJ right now?

“Paris France” by Lords of Acid; also, “Donatella” by Lady Gaga 😉


How do you maintain your blonde locks?

Maintaining my Snow White blonde means touching up about every 6 weeks with Sarah Spratt at Rheanne White in Tribeca, purple shampoo & olive oil based conditioners by Davines,  Mason Pearson brushes too.

What do you have coming up in 2014?

I have a few exciting things coming up for 2014–but they’re secret for now!  Hopefully, I find time for more frequent manicures.

What’re your favorite places to go out in NYC?

My favorite place to spin in NYC is Le Bain at the Standard on Thursdays for my residency at Zig Zag.

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