Tune Darling : Danielle Defoe Gives Us The Cherry Bomb On Cocktails

We caught up with LA based fashion photographer Danielle Defoe after a sexy shoot in Venice Beach, and talked about how she got her start in photography and her fav spots in the city of angels as she unwinds with an Absolut Tune cocktail.


 How do you Flaunt Your Sparkle and Unleash Your Spirit 

I would describe myself as being very charismatic and social, I love to dress up and look good but most importantly I like to feel good.   I try to exercise everyday, when you feel healthy and positive everything else about you shines.  If I’m out for the night I always wear red lipstick, I love a fire engine pout.

 How Did you Get Into Photography
I’ve always been studying images and text for as long as I can remember.  I was actually working in wardrobe for a few years before I started focusing completely on shooting.  I took some photos of Rita Ora in my apartment which were really well received by her label and I decided to dedicate my time fully to photography.  I love meeting new people and creating interesting and fun images together, I find each shoot as exciting as the last. Well…most of the time. lol.
  What do you  like to capture the most 
  I like to photograph personalities the most, it’s easier to connect to the subject. There’s also more freedom because you’re trying to capture something real.  I find that currently the most successful models are the girls with a bit of quirkiness and a lot of personality.   I look for that energy in a subject because it’s the most relatable and fun to work with.
 LA Spots  that  really Sparkle…

Favorite spots for dinner would be Pace in Laurel Canyon for yummy Italian and amazing ambiance, Dan Tana’s and Jones Hollywood are also great.  Casalinda in Venice has great fish tacos, as well as Esquela in Weho.  Robata Jinya is great for Japanese, or Katasuya on 3rd.  LA loves reinvention, there’s a lot of “hot” clubs that used to be another club but they just changed the name and gave it a face lift. That gets old real quick. I love the classics like Chateau Marmont or The Roosevelt Hotel. Lil Death at The One Eyed Gypsy is a really cool party.  Favorite dives are the Burgundy Room and The Kibitz Room, and there’s a lot of cool new bars downtown.

  If  you  were an Absolut Tune Cocktail what would  you be called and how would we make it 
The Cherry Bomb
2 parts Absolut Tune
1 part Grenadine
splash of cherry juice
Garnish with cherries

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