Tune Darling: It-Girl Krystal Simpson On Fashion, Bellinis And LA Nights!

We stopped by it-girl/model/musician/writer Krystal Simpson’s pad to mix up some cocktails and talk fashion as a part of our new series with Absolut Tune! Scroll down for more! Krystal_Simpson_Galore_3 How do you flaunt your sparkle? I love a skinny men’s suit, on a man or a woman; it’s classic and understated, to me that’s incredibly sexy. Who are your favorite style icons? I always love seeing photos of the 60’s and 70’s rock and roll stars; Keith Richards is just beautiful, all of the Rolling Stones look amazing really. George Harrison is another one, especially the Abbey Road era, with the beard and the Canadian Tuxedo. I also love Freddie Mercury’s 70’s and 80’s style; he was known for his stage clothing, but not really for his day to day look that was included a lot of aviator sunglasses, leather jackets, skinny jeans, and white high top sneakers – really a classic look. As for people today, I always think Tilda Swinton looks stunningly beautiful and otherworldly. I love androgyny. What inspired you to get into fashion? Clothing has always been a tool I have used for self expression, I think it was one of the first things I used as a kid to show the world what was going on in my head at the time. It was also always something that was a constant issue between me and my mother, and not in the way you would think for a young girl, which is usually wanting to dress older than your age or too provocatively, but in my case was shopping in the boys department — which is something I still do to this day. My parents and grandparents were horrified by my looks changing, anything that was out of step with the normal was always met with a struggle — the most drastic reaction I can remember was when I cut my long hair all the way off when I was in 3rd grade, I remember my grandfather saying that I was no longer his granddaughter until I went back to long hair and dresses. I thought, “Ok,” and came back the next week with it even shorter and slicked back. I could never understand why and how it was that easy to write me off over a simple haircut, or why my clothing choices from the boys department was such a sore subject for them, since it wasn’t on their bodies, and it wasn’t hurting anyone. Why would my choice in a clunky boot over a cutesy heel ruin their day!? It was like I was a different person to them over night, and forget the kids at school, the teasing went to a new level after chopping off all my hair, and the stereotypical mean-kid comments ensued. I conformed for a minute in high school when I realized that people were so much nicer to me when I dressed in a more feminine way, but in the end the boys department won. I think that definitely drew me in to the fashion world, people were allowed to be experimental; in this world I can be a boy one day, and a girl the next and that’s ok. Fashion people embrace the oddities, and the differences people bring to the table. Fashion to me is bringing fantasy into reality; it’s a costume, it’s who you want to be that day, and the freedom to change it up the next. Krystal_Simpson_Galore_5 What is the key to a successful blog? The websites and blogs I like to read always involve a strong personality, with a unique perspective. That’s what always initially lures me in to a blog or website to begin with, aside from looking at infinite pictures of beautiful women, in beautiful places, wearing beautiful things. We hear you love to skate board! Any other hobbies? L.A., and California in general is so beautiful, I love to spend as much time outside as possible. When I’m off and able to spend time in Northern California, I do a lot of hiking, and try to spend as much time outside as possible — even just sitting outside at a coffee shop people watching -I love people, that’s really the best! I really love spending time at home when I’m not working, or on the road. My home really is my sanctuary, partially thanks to my King-sized bed. I’ll come home after a trip with all these little things I’ve collected; various trinkets, stones from the ocean, photos, and they all end up at my place on display somewhere, all those good memories are always there with me. I feel that when I work, I enjoy it as much as I do when I’m on my own free time, but that’s also because I was sort of relentless on living the kind if life that my heart called for, working alongside insanely creative people, on the road, fast paced, and with constant change. One day I’m a model, one day a writer, the next a DJ, the next day I get to design something, and the list goes on; so you could say my work is my hobby, they are very intertwined. Describe your perfect night out in LA? Going to a good dinner with my friends is always a perfect night out, but there is also something to be said about nights on the couch watching the Real Housewives of any city, but pretty much anything on Bravo will work for me too. And you have to hit up the 24-hour Sprinkles Cupcake A.T.M. in Beverly Hills to make any night instantly better! Krystal_Simpson_Galore_detail_3 Favorite band at the moment? I always have a heavy classic rock rotation; Queen, The Rolling Stones, The Faces, David Bowie, The Band, Elton John, Aerosmith, Patti Smith, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan…I could go on, but I think you get the idea! What’s your favorite Absolut tune cocktail? The Naughty Belllini! You can’t go wrong adding some fresh pureed peaches to Absolut Tune. it’s simple and always a crowd-pleaser. My best friends and I have the tradition of throwing a holiday “Eve-Eve” party every December 23rd, and the constant ingredient is always a Absolut Tune cocktail. What’s your favorite socializing game to play with friends? I always love the “I’ve Never/Never Have I Ever” game, at this point my friends and I have so much dirt on each other we are all bound to a silence pact. What’s your morning routine after a night out? Tons of water before bed, and bacon and scrambled eggs and an aspirin in the morning works every time! Krystal_Simpson_Galore_4 What do you want from Santa this year? Anything (everything!) from the Saint Laurent men’s collection, is that too much to ask!? What IS reality anyway? I gave my blog that title after I did a reality show on MTV [called I’m From Rolling Stone] back in 2007, combined with my love for the mysteries of quantum physics. So really, reality is what you make of it, just like a TV show, it’s up to the editor. What do you have coming up in 2014? Right now I’m in the studio with my band working on an E.P., and I’m looking forward to shooting with more of my favorite photographers, and continuing to work with creative people every day. How to Make The Naughty Bellini: 1 Part Peach Purée Top with Absolut Tune Photography by: Aaron Gonzalez

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