Tune Darling: Blogger and Model Keller Rose Knows A Good Cocktail

We got a chance to hang out with  blogger/model/stylist Keller Rose in Venice and get personal about style, life and her favorite music and cocktails.

How do you flaunt your style and unleash your spirit?
-Wearing not a drop of makeup in a bikini posted up on a beach somewhere, I’m all for salt and sand in a barely there kini.
Favorite band at the moment?
-Um ..of the moment I would have to say Lorde, Glory and Gore has been on repeat for almost a week now. Every two weeks a new song of hers is on repeat so we’ll see what next week brings.
 How did you get into modeling?
-Modeling was something that fell into place when I moved out here while attending design school. I started out with American Apparel and from there doors opened and led to other things and so on and my blog is also a big factor, it constantly is bringing in new collaborations and modeling gigs.
What is the best place you have traveled?
-I traveled all throughout Italy and I have to say it was the most beautiful place I have visited to date. The people, food, architecture, art, culture, fashion…I mean I could keep going on but you get the gist, it was an incredible three weeks.
What is your beauty regiment?
-You’re asking someone who is pretty minimal when it comes to beauty and not too interesting but I believe in embracing your natural beauty, not a big fan of make-up but I do throw on powder every morning with spf that I have been using since I was 13…some things just never change. From the moment I wake up I have to drag my ass into the shower or I’ll be a zombie for the duration of the day where I go ahead and blast my current playlist and wash my face with the one device I couldn’t live without, my Clarisonic. Always let my hair naturally dry, drink a cup of vanilla almond tea with a splash of milk and I’m off. I try to do some form of exercise daily from yoga on the beach or running and if either of those fall through at least stretch, I live near the beach so it’s easy to be active. For the evening I wash my face with a couple Neutrogena pads then proceed to get naked and crawl into my white fluff of a bed. Not too much to it but it seems to be working just fine.
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