Tune Darling: Blogger Amanda Del Duca Talks Fashionista Favorites And Cocktails!

Blogger Amanda Del Duca chatted with us about everything from wardrobe must-haves to French 75’s as apart of our new series with Absolut Tune! Check out the it girls interview below!

What does every fashionista need in her wardrobe?

A leather jacket. It’s the most versatile item in my closet. I bring it everywhere. Invest in something classic and well-made.

Why did you start your blog capture fashion?

I wanted to be a fashion editor and I was struggling to get hired. I started my blog as working portfolio and then it just sort of morphed into my style diary. It’s been very organic and unplanned. I knew I wanted to work in fashion and creating content for a blog is a good way to get started.

How do you flaunt your sparkle and unleash your spirit?

Through photos! I really like to show off through my personal style. I adore putting a look together and capturing the moment on camera.


What’s your favorite cocktail?

I’ve always loved a French 76 (also Kate Moss’ favorite drink). Absolut Tune with lemon is my current go-to.

If you were an Absolut Tune cocktail what would you be called?

The MIA Flamingo – Absolut Tune and grenadine to make it pink!

Who’re some of your favorite musicians?

I’m the worst at keeping up with music. I will have favorite songs, but I rarely know the artist. I’ve always liked hip-hop and R&B. I listen to a lot of Drake, Kendrick Lamar and Miguel.



How to make the MIA Flamingo:

Absolut Tune

1 part grenadine 

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