Tune Darling: Blanda Eggenschwiler Talks Art, A Girl’s Best Accessory, And How She Preps For A Night Out!

We met up with our girl, artist Blanda Eggenschwiler to talk shop before a night out on the town and make some art using a bottle of Tune! Scroll down to check out the interview and Blanda’s fav Absolut Tune recipe!


Blanda gives us a little drawing sesh with her Absolut Tune bottle

If you were an Absolut Tune cocktail, how would we make you?

I would be made with Absolut Tune with a splash of blackberry liqueur 🙂

What do you want from Santa this year?

Hmm, maybe a pet elephant? I have been researching this and I think there are mini elephants that actually exist! But I would probably settle for a mini lama too..

What inspires your work?

People inspire me. In all of their complexity.

Who’s your favorite artist and why?

It’s hard to narrow that down to just one artist. I have always admired Egon Schiele for
the dynamic of his work, Martin Kippenberger for his ability to navigate seamlessly
between different media and Urs Fischer for his aesthetically pleasing messiness.

What do you have coming up in 2014?

I have a lot of collaborations that are coming out next year, which I am very excited
about. I am also working on some private projects and on building my own brand.


How do you unleash your spirit in your drawings?

I trust my instincts when I work. A lot of it is intuition-based. I believe that visual art has
to be emotional in some way; it has to feel right or trigger something in myself and in the
viewer. The idea of being able to transmit an emotion through art is something I find

You have worked on some great collaborations with big name brands. Are there any
other brands you’d love to partner with?

There is a whole list! I would love to collaborate with brands like Vans, reformation and
opening ceremony. Or apply my aesthetics to a high fashion brand like Julie Verhoeven
did for Prada or Yayoi Kusama did for Louis Vuitton.

As an artist and it-girl, how do you rock your sparkle when out at an event?

I like to dress up when I go out but I believe that any girl’s best accessory is always her
character and charm. Dumb is never cute…

How to Tune up your Absolut Tune: 

Chill and pour some Absolut Tune into a flute

Top with blackberry liqueur

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