This Tumblr Is Everything, Replaces Man Buns With Cinnamon Buns

Just when you think you just can’t with the Internet anymore, somebody hears your woes and sends you a miracle. In this case, the Internet sent me a picture of Collin Ferral with a cinnamon bun where his man bun was supposed to be. Welcome to the age of the Cinnaman Bun, your new favorite Tumblr account.


Cinnaman Bun operates on an incredibly simple premise: take a picture of an attractive man rocking a beautiful man bun and replace said man bun with a cinnamon bun.  The Tumblr may only have 12 posts so far, but I’m already obsessed (and very, very hungry).


While you may think this idea absolutely had to have been the brainchild of some twenty-something stoner chick with way too much time on her hands (but pretty sweet Photoshop skills), the site was actually made by two dudes who appear to have very professional jobs.

Whether their Tumblr is born out of adoration for man buns or simply a funny idea they thought had a chance of going viral, the only thing that matters is that they keep the cinnaman buns coming.


Bradley Cooper agrees.


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