Try This Lady Pleasing Position Of The Week

The only ‘ex’ you should be doing in bed is the ‘x position’. Why? It rubs you the right kind of way, literally.

To get you into this position, you have to straddle your man with your legs extended outward and the back of your body facing him with you looking at his feet (maybe ask your guy to get a pedicure before trying this). And although this study says a girl on top is potentially dangerous, the pleasure of being in control makes it all worth it, plus a little danger is always fun in the bedroom (right?). If you’re anything like me, you might be all about danger – crossing the street at on a yellow light, not reading terms and conditions, being on top during.

The danger in this position is what’s great for you though. It leads to a 10x higher chance of hitting a climax, plus your peen won’t be the one that breaks. The reason this position is so great is because while you’re in it, you can rub yourself against your man at whatever pace you feel at an angle that’s truly special and that will really get you off. We all know there’s no way around that certain spot, Women’s Health says it’s the most important part in getting the beautiful O, and this position allows for all the attention directly towards your sweet spot. On top of getting what you need, you can make whatever o-face you’d like and you don’t have to feel conscious of how you look since your partner can’t even see your face. Instead, you can have tons of booty play while you get off in your own way.

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