Try Serena Williams’ Off-Season Workout Tips To Stay Fit Over Winter Break

Once upon a time, Serena Williams got her phone stolen, while indulging in delicious Chinese food. Yes, you read that right: tennis star Serena, the definition of a fit female, eats greasy, MSG filled Chinese food. Despite her junk food love, Serena was named Sport’s Illustrated’s Sportsperson of 2015. So if Serena can keep her tennis body fit and tight while indulging in junk (so fit that she beat out every other athlete for the SI honor), you can keep your ass hard and thighs tight during Christmas food-a-thons. Just follow Serena’s regimen, which you’ll probably rename the ultimate Winter break fitness guide. Here are her tips:

  1. Don’t be boring. “It’s so important to mix it up,” Serena told Fitness Magazine. “I ran, and then I biked. Then I did elliptical. That didn’t work out so well, because it was boring.” To stave off work out monotony, she signed up for yoga, boxing, and dance classes. She warms up with a quick 10 minute run, then dances that ass off (or dances it big, depending on how you look at it).
  2. Eat healthy, but know when to cheat. Serena lives with her sister Venus, who has an auto-immune disease which requires her to stay away from processed foods, and she herself has a wheat allergy. Therefore, Serena tries to avoid bringing junk food into their house: but she loves Southern cooking (“I eat shrimp and grits with butter on top, fried chicken, and, oh, do I eat the fried hush puppies! And the banana pudding — mmm, mmm, mmm!”). She’ll scarf down Southern delicacies for one week, maximum, then it’s back to the healthy diet.
  3. Change your lifestyle, not your diet. “Diet is a bad word!” Serena said. If you call it a lifestyle change, rather than a diet change, you’ll be more dedicated to avoiding that banana pudding.
  4. Have a pump-up playlist. Even if that playlist includes guilty pleasure pop songs, like Kelly Clarkson or P!nk, who cares? This is your playlist, so add anything that makes you want to move your body. Here’s Serena’s, no shaming allowed.
  5. If all else fails, download the Nike Club Training App. Yes, there’s a Serena designed and approved workout that you can access on the app, which lets you work your body like the Wimbledon star for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes… whatever you can handle.

Photo via LA Times

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