I Tried Seeking Arrangement, the Sugar Baby Website

For those of you who don’t know, Seeking Arrangementarrang is a dating website for finding a Sugar Daddy. Of course you’re curious about how it works, but we all remember the Great Ashley Madison Hack of 2015, which exposed thousands of curious horndogs to the world. So if you’re too scared to make a SA membership because it’ll be linked to your IP address forever, have no fear. I’ve done the legwork and can report to you all about SA.

In a word, Seeking Arrangement is weird. Not only is it one of the most outdated websites I’ve ever used, but everyone on it is trying to be sneaky.

Which means every photo is a little section of their eyes. Or a blurry, pixelated photo that looks like it was taken off of my old iPod. It’s a place for being secretive, and for dudes, being over the age of 30 — which means that these men are technologically stupid.

I mean, look at the usernames. Bi-Coastal Joe, PleasureGiver, Daddy27, PureKink, or my favorite, the username that just says “Discreet”. Don’t even get me started on the bios, the things these men want and say blows my mind. It’s basically one step up from Craigslist.

But Seeking Arrangement isn’t that bad if you’re used to the local dating app talent. When I first joined dating apps in general is really when I think I lowered my standards in men. Mainly because if “Tinder Hot” walked up to me in the bar, I would probably ignore him.

Now, I would nudge my roommate and say, “I just found the hottest guy on Tinder,” who was just an average joe frat boy, or a guy with long hair. On Seeking Arrangement, I dropped my standards even more. I basically don’t have any at this point.

Anyway, the story is different for guys on SA. This is a website for men with big egos, weird fetishes, and sometimes a big bank account. For those reasons, they have ridic standards. And because of their money, those expectations somehow come true.

Yet I had a man message me and ask, “Are you on the website because you are looking for a older man, or because of money?” What the fuck would I be on SA to find a jovial older man to chat with, no strings attached? It’s literally called SEEKING ARRANGEMENT, of course it’s always money-related.

What I don’t understand is how this is still the major hub for these arrangements. I mean, it seems like this dinky ass website is how Instagram models are traveling the world! Can’t they get an upgrade?

But if you are going to try it out, remember you hold the power. Be smart, safe, and make sure to never do anything you don’t want to.


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