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Kale, kale, kale. Not only is it a super food, it’s now making its way into the fashion industry with an appearance across the front of many sweatshirts. Beyoncé started this food inspired clothing by debuting a sweatshirt in her 7/11 music video that dropped at the beginning of this year. I love Beyoncé, but also I love kale and the idea of it being plastered atop a sweater. Of course everything that Queen B does will be multiplied twice (maybe a million times) over by others, but it looks like everyone is opting for this comfortable and cool food-inspired look. I can’t think of a reason for us to not copy Bey’s move and don this cool trend with her. I mean, it’s a constant reminder to stay healthy while you’re running your day to day errands being casual and comfy. WIN WIN WIN.

So Who’s wearing Kale?



Lena Dunham:


Niki Reed:

Lea Michele:


Rachel McAdams:



15 - 1

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