Treat Your Hook Up How You Want To Be Treated

It’s no secret that today’s relationships are an ongoing battle of who can care less. Dudes act like they only care about scoring as much pussy as possible, even if they like a girl. Chicks count down the hours until it’s socially acceptable to text a dude back. In all this mess, it’s no wonder that people are becoming lonelier and relationships are becoming more and more scarce.

One thing that is becoming much more socially acceptable and widespread is the idea of the f*ck buddy. We can’t fathom the idea of giving someone else our heart, but spreading our legs for them is totally cool, right?

However, I don’t know when it became status quo to treat your friends with benefit like sh*t just because he wasn’t your boyfriend. Granted, there is certainly a fine line. If you’re expecting your booty call to surprise you with roses or take you out for a nice meal, don’t hold your breath. However, this is still sex, and sex is still somewhat of a big deal (or at least to some people). You should treat the guy who’s making you cum the way you’d want him to treat you.

Instead of playing games with him, face the fact that you wan’t to get your orgasm on tonight, tomorrow, and all week. Maybe the reason you can’t find a consistent hook-up is because you don’t know how to treat one, dicks need love to!

Respond, Even When You’re Not Down

We get it, nobody is able to respond to every booty call unless you’re getting paid. However, if your man texts you at 3 am wanting some nookie and you’re already in bed, at least shoot him a text and let him know. Then he can learn that you need to be booty-called before the sun rises (and he can also hit plan-B up instead). Do you want him to ignore you when you’ve had too much to drink at dollar night and are craving some cock? Probably not, so don’t do the same to him!

Try To Keep Your Pussy Under Control

Even if you’re not interested in someone, it’s kind of skeevy to see them hook up with someone else in front of you. If that hot lacrosse player is trying to play tonsil hockey with you at the bar while your f*ck buddy is around the corner ordering a beer, maybe try to take the lax bro to your place instead. I’m not going to pretend that hook-ups become practically incestuous in college with all the over-lapping hook-ups, but at least keep your hoe behavior behind closed doors (for the most part).

Let Him Know When You’re Over It

As girls, we can only really have f*ck buddies for so long. Eventually, we’re going to crave someone or something else. Even if we’ve got some grade-A dick on our hands, we’re ladies and sometimes we need a boy who cares about us for more than our double D’s and deep-throating skills. Instead of trying to cut things off slowly by ignoring him, just let him know you had fun and it’s time for him to find a new weekend slam piece.

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