Where to vacation this summer based on your sign

It’s officially February and I’m now dying to go on a spontaneous vacation. Last night, my cousin asked me if I would join her on a trip to Greece, and I thought, why not? I have never been to Greece, but I’ve been wanting to visit for years. 

When you’re young, and have less responsibilities tying you to a specific location, why not travel?

I personally don’t think I’ve done enough traveling for my age, because it’s hard to find the time and means. But, every older adult I talk to says that they wished they had traveled more when they were younger.

I’ve decided to drop my doubts and fears about traveling and go to Greece this summer, a place that is honestly perfect for my Cancerian vibe. Aka, it’s home-y, sunny, and peaceful.

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I know the decision of where to go on vacation is half the battle. I wondered — If Greece is perfect for a Cancer like me, what spots were perfect for the other signs?

Take this article as your guide when deciding where to head off to this summer. But honestly, if you don’t like the suggestion for your sign, you won’t regret going to any of these incredible locations.


Main traits: active, impatient, and leading

Head on over to New Zealand, Aries. There’s tons of water sports, exotic animals, and more to satiate your desire to stay active af. The activities that New Zealand has to offer are also super independent, so you can do your own thing even if you go with a crew. It’s also great if you’re impatient because the views in New Zealand are so good, that you will immediately chill out.

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Main traits: stable, sensual, down to earth

Take a trip to Paris because of the relaxing, Parisian vibe. Stroll along the Seine without a care in the world and a croissant in your hand. There’s amazing food everywhere, which is a plus for you, Taurus. On top of that, go to Agent Provacateur for some French lingerie, and go to La Durée for those iconic macarons.


Main traits: flexible, sociable, superficial

Shoot on over to Milan, where the designer shopping is impeccable and the food is decadent. It’s a huge city so  there’s plenty to do during your trip, too. Gemini, this would be a fun adventure to go on with a big group, because you can go with the flow. Go out at night with your crew to meet some new people (and some cute Italians). There’s plenty of things to do for your energetic self!


Main traits: gentle, contemplative, wants what they want

You guessed it, Cancer! You’re going to Greece. Somewhere full of sunshine and serenity like Greece is the place to go for you. Greece is breath-taking, calm, and the perfect mental getaway where you can back up and reboot. Stay in a personalized, more upscale hotel for a more home-y stay, and don’t forget to try all the food at the ocean view cafes. You will be so comforted by the energy in Greece. The water will feel like home to you, water sign.


Main traits: hospitable, active, open

Leo, a spa weekend in Miami will center all of your energy and time around your favorite person: yourself. Plus, when you go out with your girls at night, you can wear the highest heels and get your hair done. Don’t forget to wear something dramatic, too, so that all eyes are on you. You can also soak in the sun on the beach, your energy source.

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Main traits: analytical, reserved, conscientious

Take a short flight over to Coronado, California, for a tropical paradise within the states. If you’re more reserved, this trip is great way to save money by not traveling internationally. You can also be a bit more practical with your vacation days, because it involves less travel time. How’s that sound, Virgo? Less stress, more vacay. This quiet, small town allows you to just chill with no distractions.


Main traits: indecisive, artistic, sociable

Go anywhere in New Mexico with a great art scene, like Albuquerque! You can shop around for some unique knick knacks to bring home with you, and maybe even take some pottery classes. And if you really can’t decide which activity to do one day, Libra, you won’t have a terrible time just sitting and taking in those sunshine rays. Go out to the bars for some light socializing, and maybe travel with a like-minded companion!


Main traits: resourceful, focused, passionate

Travel to Morocco because there are so many fun discoveries to be made. There are hidden alcoves and there are mysterious vibes all around. Who should you go with, Scorpio? None other than your boo, of course. This trip will be romantic with sunset views for days, and enough exciting things to uncover along the way.


Main traits: restless, enthusiastic, adventurous

Brace the long flight out to Bangkok, Sag. This city is full of adventurous activities, sight seeing, and more. If you grow restless, the city still has so many places for you to wander through. There’s tons of people in Bangkok, so you’ll never be lonely even if traveling solo. There’s great noodles and lots of life in this city.

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Main traits: wise, prudent, conservative

Snowmass, Colorado, is where it’s at for you, Capricorn. You’re going to want to go somewhere where it’s calm, quiet, and peaceful.  Snowmass — or anywhere else in Colorado, really — is the getaway you need. This is a great way to travel to an exciting place that’s not crazy and over the top. You’re an Earth sign, so your body will thank you for the greenery and fresh air.

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Main traits: inventive, eccentric, original

Jet off to somewhere unconventional and original like the Amazon, India, or Egypt. Push your boundaries and go somewhere that people won’t expect of you. You’re an Aquarius, after all! While it may not be a sunny, on-the-beach trip, it will still be a vacation of a lifetime with the things you come up with to fill your days.


Main traits: humane, sensitive, compassionate

Zip off to a meditation retreat in Costa Rica, where you’ll be surrounded by water and good vibes. You can connect with those around you on a personal level, and can connect with yourself more deeply. Don’t forget to work on things bigger than yourself on this trip, so that you return home with a new slate.

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