These Travel Bloggers Are Somehow Sick of Travel Blogging

Travel bloggers have a pretty sweet lifestyle.

They get paid to travel the world and live their best, aspirational lives, inspiring envy among their thousands of followers.

But since everybody can come up with a few job complaints when push comes to shove, some travel bloggers are coming out of the woodwork to say they’re low key sick of it.

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In a feature with the New York Times, travel bloggers dished about some of the less glamorous aspects of their glamorous lifestyle.

Like the fact that having to post on Instagram every day to keep their followers engaged and happy can get in the way of actually enjoy yourself and how sponsored trips can mean super hectic 15-hour work days.

“It’s pretty easy to almost start to hate it,” Liz Carlson, founder of the Young Adventuress blog, who went on to say she hasn’t been on a real vacation “in probably four years.”

Excuse me while I get the teeny, tiny violin out of my storage unit.

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[H/T New York Times]

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