How to transition from mainstream makeup to all-natural products

Things are pretty crazy in the beauty world right now.

New products sound more like salads than face creams. We’re being actively told to put oil on our faces instead of avoiding it at all costs. And getting makeup from Whole Foods could be considered more glam than the Marc Jacobs counter.

If you’re thinking about making the transition from mainstream beauty brands to going au naturel, you might be overwhelmed. Lucky for you, we talked to Jacquelyn Foster Quattro of non-toxic beauty brand Jersey Shore Cosmetics about where to start with all this organic BS.

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1. Eat and drink healthy

Makeup’s not about covering up your flaws anymore. It’s about a full-body, health-oriented approach. Basically, get your glow from baby carrots and clean water, not chemical peels.

“That’s where you’re gonna get your healthy skin and radiance,” Jakki says. “You’ll need very little makeup and you won’t need expensive skincare. You’ll have healthy skin from the inside out.”

Yes, we know “drink more water” is the most annoying skincare advice in the world, but the reason you hear it so often is because it’s true.

2. Fix your skincare situation

Before you even get started with makeup, you need a good cleanser and moisturizer, Jakki says. Extend this practice to your hair and nails, too.

“Try not to clutter your face with products,” Jakki says. “I make sure my skin is hydrated. Start with healthy skin, hydrated hair and skin and cuticles.”

Jakki uses a marigold face and hair serum on her face, which she formulated herself. It also contains olives and hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring chemical that’s responsible for skin’s bouncy appearance.

If you can’t afford a blended oil, Jakki says, go with cocoa butter. Just rub it on your face, and wipe the excess off with a washcloth.

3. Go easy on the makeup

Natural beauty is about letting your inner glow come out instead of covering it with makeup. Of course it’s easy to say that when you have great skin — but if you follow Jakki’s rules, your skin will be glowing in no time.

“If you have good skin because you’re taking care of yourself, you don’t need a lot of cover,” Jakki says. “You don’t want to cover up your natural beauty. You want to enhance it. Take good care of yourself and do a bronzer or a blush that can double as a lip stain.”

She also recommends a nourishing organic lip balm without petrochemicals.

4. Most importantly, go easy on yourself

If you can’t transition 100% to natural makeup, it really doesn’t matter. Every little bit helps.

“You’re gonna run into a Mac counter and see a vibrant lipstick,” Jakki said. “It’s normal. Not everything’s gonna hurt you.”

The key is not to use toxic or chemical-laden products all the time. A little bit won’t hurt.

“Maybe you’re in the mall with your friends and you see a Dior lip gloss and it’s just glistening at you, calling you,” Jakki said. “Who can resist? Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t go all at once.

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