5 Traits That Kill A Relationship


It’s hard to tell when you’ve mentally checked out of a relationship if you’re still in it. You feel like you’re still fully committed and you can go all the way with this person until maybe you break out into an argument.

It’s only until then when you realize that you have no energy to fight for the relationship or try and salvage it. You know it’s coming to a close and the only thing left to do is to let it take it’s course and fizzle away.

But with the end of every relationship comes new lessons learned and you start to pick out the qualities you want in your next partner. And every boss woman knows that in order to find her knight in shinning armor, these are a few traits you need to steer clear of.


1. Controlling

You’re doing your own thing and the last thing you need is for a man to tell you what to do. Especially the man you’re dating. You can’t post certain things on your Instagram? You can’t wear makeup around him? You can’t drunk text him? Sure relationships may need boundaries, but if he’s trying to change you as a person then you can throw him to the curb.

2. Jealous

Sometimes this is cute because it shows that your guy really likes you and is afraid of losing you. But it takes another turn when he becomes insecure about you hanging out with your guy friends. Or starts to read over your shoulder and ask about the boy your texting who could turn out to just be a co-worker. And that’s not cute.

3. Judgmental

If you start to feel as though you can’t fully express yourself around him because you know he will judge you or you don’t want to share stories about your friends for fear that he’ll judge them, then it’s time to move on. No one has time for bullshit or feeling enclosed as a person.


4. Impatient

Say you’re on the phone with your aunt while you two are trying to find a quick bite to eat. Which turns into the worst adventure ever because he’s starting to flip out and throw his arms up like a child with a tantrum. If he can’t learn to be patient then maybe you should give him some time to do so. Alone. And without you.

5. Anxious

I wouldn’t recommend any girl dating a dude with terrible anxiety. Especially if you’ve never dealt or been around it before. It can be suffocating at times and will turn your sweet man into an uptight, scary hulk within a matter of seconds.

By steering clear of these traits, it will only help you in becoming one step closer to finding the guy who really makes your heart skip a beat. The guy you end up being with for the long haul.

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