You Can Now Get Drunk In Public On $1 Canned Wine

Day drinking in the summer is a skill, especially if you live somewhere where drinking in public is frowned upon and/or illegal.

Thankfully, canned wines have been popping up left and right and providing an easy way to get turnt without obviously chugging out of a brown paper bag. In fact, so many of the options simply look like an energy drink or a soda.

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But what’s better than a discreet can of wine? A discreet and cheap af can of wine.

Everyone’s favorite grocer Trader Joe’s just recently announced their new product: Simpler Wines Italian Sparkling Wine, and you can get a four pack for $3.99.

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Pinch yourself, am I right?

The post on Trader Joe’s blog says to contact their crew for current price and availability, which means it might be slightly higher due to tax in certain states or unavailable due to laws in certain states, like states that can only sell alcohol at government liquor stores.

But unlike most product announcements, this one is legit already available!

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So, if you live in a YOLO state like NYC? Bring on the cheap booze in cans, baby.

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