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Alex Catarinella: Congrats on your killer performance in David Bowie’s “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” music video! What was your reaction when learning you were cast?

Andrej Pejic: Like with everything else, I try not have my hopes up — I am very chilled out about everything so basically I decided I wouldn’t believe it until I was confirmed. I couldn’t really talk about it to anyone because it was all top secret. When they confirmed, I was pretty happy to say the least.

AC: I MUST know how it was working with Bowie… what surprised you the most about him?

AP: Bowie is so lovely and so down to earth. We discussed my background and world politics mainly. He was so thankful that we were participating, but it was more like “no, thank you!”

AC: And you co-starred with the amazing Oscar-winning actress TILDA SWINTON! Intimidated at all to work with her?

AP: Oh my God, yes! She is everything! When I first met her at the fittings, she was like, “I am so glad you’re doing this,” and I couldn’t believe she even knew who I was. But she was very supportive and nice throughout the whole thing — very maternal towards Saskia [de Brauw] and me.

AC: How was Floria Sigismondi as a director? Was there an extensive rehearsal process before shooting?

AP: She was great and full of ideas. She really got us into the mood and brought the crazy out. But there were no rehearsals! It was a two day shoot so there was no time — we just had to go from scene-to-scene with a little briefing in between.

AC: So, if you could star in another music video by any female musician, whose would it be?

AP: La Roux.

AC: Let’s talk about your high school years… I hear you won prom king AND queen? WHAT?! I’m assuming your classmates were pretty f***ing cool.

AP: Well, clearly they were to vote for me for both! I was very lucky in high school and pretty well liked. I was in with the popular slutty girls! It made for great fun.

AC: That’s amazing. Okay, so I saw your tweet in response to someone asking if you prefer going by “he” or “she.” You: “Well actually it’s whatever at this point, no need to be nitpicky ;)” Can you set the record straight? How do you see yourself and how do you want others to see you?

AP: Some of my close friends do refer to me as “she,” and this is totally fine — they call it how they see it and it works. Androgyny is definitely a part of my career, style and appearance but it’s not the end all definition. And no, I can’t set the record straight… what would be the fun in that?



AC: What are your thoughts on the transgender models that came before you and those of today? Who are you into and respect the most?

AP: Well, I was always a huge fan of Teri Toy. I love her look, her story and the fact that she left her mark and just disappeared from the fashion industry, never looking back. The Stephen Sprouse pictures with her are major. Other trans models I admire include Caroline “Tula” Cossey  — she was a Bond Girl! Also, I admire April Ashley and, more currently, Lea T.

AC: What are your thoughts on plastic surgery? Would you ever consider it?

AP: I find it pretty intriguing. I probably would consider it down the line — a face lift at 50 is a must!

AC: Describe your relationship with Jean Paul Gaultier in one sentence.

AP: Everything.

AC: What’s your dream magazine cover? (Besides Galore, duh!)

AP: American Vogue.

AC: It’s super difficult keeping up with your slew of projects. Which forthcoming ones are you most excited about?

AP: I shot a short film in Paris that’s been shortlisted for Cannes Film Festival. I’m interested to see if I can act. It feels good to be branching out and doing different things.

AC: Nice. Can you tell me about your character?

AP: I play an androgynous character, of course. A twin. It all revolves around this wedding dress. My scene is basically a monologue. I took it as a learning experience, because I get a lot of offers for movies and I have no training, so I wanted to at least get an idea.

AC: And before we say goodbye, tell me a secret about yourself (that I guess won’t be a secret once this is published…!)

AP: I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue.



Photography: Jacob DeKat
Creative Direction: Prince Chenoa
Hair & Makeup: Lizzie Arneson


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