Toxic Shock Syndrome Isn’t A Myth, Ladies

We’ve all heard the warnings to not keep tampons in for longer than eight hours because it can lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome, which is a life-threatening complication from a bacterial infection. When you leave a foreign object in your body for too long (like a tampon), it’s like creating a breeding ground for bacteria to grow, which causes infections. But how many of us have actually taken that warning to not wear tampons for too long seriously? Sometimes you forget to take it out and fall asleep with a tampon in, sometimes you even forget you had one in and put in another by mistake (I’m definitely guilty of both). And we freak out for a second and scold ourselves, but then the next period comes around and we do it all over again. That is not okay…at all. A 13 year old girl just died of TSS and we should all take that as a wake up call that TSS is not a joke.

According to Yahoo, Jemma Louise Roberts was initially diagnosed with the flu when she started feeling sick, but when she didn’t get better her family took her to the hospital and she was correctly diagnosed with TSS from tampon-use. She died a week later from a brain bleed caused by TSS and sepsis. Her mom is now speaking out about this tragedy to spread awareness to parents and teens about the dangers of keeping tampons in for too long.

So ladies, always keep in mind that TSS can happen to even the most experienced of tampon users; infections do not discriminate. So next time your little sister or cousin or younger classmate gets their period, tell them how important it is to be vigilant and responsible with tampons. They are super convenient, but are no joke and should not be taken as such.

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